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Demir Group Sivasspor defeated İttifak Holding Konyaspor 3-1, which they hosted in the 34th week of the Super League.

22. minute, Gradel’s left diagonal kick from outside the penalty area left the leather round goalkeeper in Sehic.

27. Sivasspor took the lead in the minute. The ball, which Gradel prevented by lying in the middle of the penalty area from the left to the penalty area, was left idle in the castle area. Yatabare, following the position, brought the leather round netting together: 1-0

29. minute, when Yatabare hit from a distance outside the penalty area, the ball went auta from the top.

30. In Fajr’s pass, who entered the penalty area from the right every minute, Boyd hit the goal area close to the goal area, and the goalkeeper Sehic sent the leather round with his feet to the corner at the last minute.

40. In the minute Hadziahmetovic’s effective kick from outside the penalty area, goalkeeper Ali Şaşal Vural barely cornered the ball.

45 + 2. Sivasspor could not take advantage of the penalty minutes. In the middle of the penalty area from the left of Yatabare, the referee Zorbay Küçük showed the penalty point on the grounds that Skubic interfered with the ball by hand. Taking the penalty, Gradel sent the leather round auta over the pole.

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The first half ended with Sivasspor’s 1-0 lead.

Second half

54. Konyaspor provided equality in minutes. Kravets, who rose well on the back pole in the middle of the penalty area from the left of Sekidika, returned from the pole and fell to six. Bytyqi, who followed the position, sent the leather round to the nets: 1-1

65. In the minute, while Guilherme entered the penalty area, he left a round leather, goalkeeper Ali Şaşal Vural.

68. Sivasspor took the lead again in the minute. Kayode, who took the ball in front of Hakan Arslan’s pass with the head in the penalty area, brought the leather circle together with the nets with a smooth shot: 2-1

88. The red-white team increased the difference to 2 per minute. Kayode, who entered the penalty area from the left, remained on the ground in his fight against Diomande, and the referee Zorbay Küçük showed the penalty point for the second time in the match. Robin Yalçın, who used the penalty, recorded the goal that made the score 3-1.

The match ended with Sivasspor’s 3-1 lead.

The Sivas team, which started the second half of the season with a 3-1 defeat to Aytemiz Alanyaspor on the road, did not see any defeat in 11 games afterwards.

Sivasspor, which achieved 6 wins and 5 draws in the last 11 matches and scored 23 points on its household, saw 10 goals in its castle while airing the rival nets 22 times in these matches.

The red-and-white team with 11 wins, 14 draws and 7 defeats in 32 matches in their game has 47 points.


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