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The Turkey unit of Binance, which is the largest in the world in terms of transaction volume, is on the agenda with an interesting claim. In the event that Hürriyet brought to the agenda with the title “Crypto Account Evaporated”, Beşir Baran, who deals with foreign trade, claimed that the 240 thousand dollars he transferred to Binance Turkey account evaporated within 4 minutes. Baran, who claimed that the verification codes that he had to come to his two separate phones to log in to the account and make transactions were not sent to him, filed a new lawsuit the previous day, in addition to the prosecutor’s application he made about the company.


According to the news of Hürriyet, Beşir Baran, through his lawyers, made an application to Mersin Consumer Court, “My money in the company account could not be secured. I have been harmed,” he demanded for a precautionary lien. Evaluating the request, the court made the decision on the condition that a 15% security deposit be deposited. Baran deposited 36 thousand dollars, determined by the court, into the account as collateral. The decision of the consumer court was put into action yesterday. Mersin 4th Enforcement Directorate wrote to Istanbul for the seizure process at the company headquarters. In addition to the letter of instruction, the Directorate wrote lien warrants to 40 banks for BN Teknoloji AŞ, which is affiliated with Binance Turkey. In the articles, it was requested that the money in the company’s bank accounts be blocked.

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In addition to the letters written to banks, real estate and vehicle inquiries belonging to the company were also made. No vehicle or real estate records were found on behalf of the company. 14 banks responded, “We don’t have any money”. After making a letter of instruction, Istanbul Executive Directorate teams went to the company’s address in Şişli yesterday for the actual foreclosure process. A lien was made for some items in the building.


In the statement made by Binance Turkey on the subject, it was noted that the legal process was followed effectively. In the statement, it was emphasized that the statement that the money in the account had evaporated consisted of a claim. In the previous statement made by the company to Hürriyet on the subject, “As Binance Turkey, we can see that this transaction was made by completing the necessary verification steps in the user’s account. As Binance Turkey, we use high-level cyber security programs. We would like to state that we are open to all kinds of cooperation with the judicial authorities in order to eliminate the victimization of the user, as it is determined that there is no problem caused by our system.

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