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The picture began to become clearer for Marcao, who received a great reaction when he punched Kerem Aktürkoğlu with his head and punched him. The transfer period and PFDK’s decision will also be very, very effective for Sambacı, who was excluded from the squad due to attacking his teammate. A meeting was also held with the manager of the Brazilian defender, who will be excluded from the squad in the short term and sentenced to a heavy fine. Galatasaray, which took action on such a crisis while the transfer period continues, and will take action according to the developments, will sell Marcao if an attractive offer comes. The yellow and red ones determined Marcao’s testimonial as a net 12 million Euros. If an offer comes in this figure band, Galatasaray will sit on the table for the sale of Marcao. And while his manager, who has been authorized in this direction, is currently starting negotiations for his player, the club is looking after his player. However, there is no attempt yet for the Brazilian football player. For Marcao, who is also following the Zenit Club, the Russian team has not taken any concrete steps so far. If the expected offer for Marcao is not received until the end of the transfer period, the club and Fatih Terim will take action to take the right decision and bring the Brazilian football player back to the team. The Brazilian football player will briefly be out of the squad for at least 1 month. The decision to be made for Marcao, who received a red card due to his punch to Kerem Aktürkoğlu and was referred to PFDK, is also awaited. Following the physical attack he carried out against his teammate Kerem Aktürkoğlu in the match played against Giresun, the statement made regarding the decision taken regarding the football player said, “We have taken the decision for Marcao to continue his work individually, separately from the team. After his defense is received, the final administrative and financial penalty will be notified to our player.” While revealing a follower who sent him many obscene photos after his wife’s attack with Kerem Aktürkoğlu during the Giresunspor match, Pan Teixeira shared, “Report this man”.

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