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Evaluating the camp period and the new season, Adem Büyük said, “I wish the new season good luck. I hope it will be the last season with minimal injuries. I hope it will be a better season for us after the last season. This is all we hope. We can say that we had a good preparation period, we worked poorly, but it is not what matters to a large extent. After all, we have entered game week. We will play our first league match on Monday. We will try to do our best with the staff we have. Seasonal camps are tough. Our camp was also very busy. We’ve had injuries. We had incomplete transfers. We have friends coming, especially young friends. We worked devotedly, we prepared well for the season. We continue to prepare. I hope we’ll make a good start,” he said. “I think I’ll be even better until the match.” When asked about the injury and health status he had during the camp, the 33-year-old football player said, “I had a small injury, we talked to the teacher. The teacher didn’t want to risk it, so I didn’t play. But right now I’m fine, nothing majorly important. I think I’ll be even better before the game. I continue training. There is no problem at the moment. I scored 17 goals, the team’s situation was not very bright. Frankly, we were not good. Actually, if we had won the games we played well, maybe we could have been extraordinary. Last year, we had a lot of troubles, as long as we don’t score a goal, we don’t have those troubles. It’s a really difficult situation. “This is the first time I’ve been in such a situation. This is also an experience and we’ve seen it. I hope we don’t fall into that situation. We worked hard not to fall into that situation. We continue to work, we need to let go. Obviously, everyone needs to take responsibility,” he said. Expressing that they are happy to play with the support of the fans after a long time, Büyük said, by calling the bride, “Let the one who can come come to the match. Let him come to the game if he can. I guess they brought a vaccination requirement for everyone to be vaccinated, it’s a good practice. So we missed our fans. We were used to being without fans, but it was difficult. That’s why it will be good for us to feel the power of our fans behind us. It is very important that we play the first match on our field. Playing against Trabzonspor is also hugely important. With the support of our fans, we want to leave the match with a good result. We missed them. If 50 percent, let them fill 50 percent. Let’s continue to support us,” he said.

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