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In the UEFA Europa League 3rd qualifying round rematch, Scotland representative St. Fatih Terim, the coach of Galatasaray, who went to the play-off round by beating Johnstone 4-2, said that they achieved a very different victory by dominating the game. It was a lot of things. The opponent is not at the same level as us, but we faced a team that played the contact game well. When we put our own football, our thinking, it was a good match in which we scored a lot of goals. It was very important for morale to pass the round. We will surely fix some things. Good thing “We’re going to blow things up. Congratulations to my players. We needed that kind of morale.” The experienced coach gave the following answer to a question about Sofiane Feghouli’s performance: “Feghouli is a player with whom we have won championships, but frankly, whether our players leave or not, we continue to play with the player we need anyway. I played him in different positions. So we had to talk to him a little bit. We will try to make him better. He played well today. Frankly, we also needed some experienced players at the beginning of the game, like Arda, Feghouli and Diagne. I think they played well too. If we can win Feghouli, we will win. Anything can happen in the Galatasaray team at any time. Everything can change today and tomorrow. The more players I can benefit from, the more I try to keep it at a high level. We will progress in three lanes. I would be happy if there is a Feghouli as I want. I am happy with the performance of some of our friends, some a little more. Feghouli has to go up a little higher. “Fatih Terim About Kerem Aktürkoğlu, who was chosen as the player of the match, “We have a program for Kerem, both technically and athletically. There are also special works. He listens to what is told, he is very important. The second half and the first half are very different. The second half was more active. Such a Kerem makes us very happy. Surely there will be mistakes, there will be ups and downs. This happens to young players, but I trust him. Kerem is becoming more and more dangerous for the opponent with each passing day. It also makes us very happy. A young man who can digest them. That’s why we love him, we take care of him. It will be even better. A Kerem who can put his weight on the game at any time and plays the pass game well can make a much more difference.”

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