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Match result: Giresunspor 0-2 Galatasaray

62′ Marcao was dismissed with a direct red card after an argument with his teammate Marcao in Galatasaray.

61′ There was a tension between Kerem and Marcao in Galatasaray. Erkan Özdamar paused the game to watch the position on the VAR monitor.

54′ Aanholt sent the ball from the right diagonal to the penalty area, and the defense moved the ball away, then the ball opened to the left wing was turned inside and the ball that bounced off the defense went to the corner.

47′ Giresunspor’s free kick from the left wing was sent to the penalty area by the defense.

46′ The second half has started.

First half result: Giresunspor 0-2 Galatasaray

45+2′ Goal… Giresunspor 0-2 Galatasaray (Cicaldau)

45+1′ Hüsamettin saw a red card in Giresunspor and left his team with 10 players.

40′ Diagne missed a penalty in Galatasaray.

32′ The ball was turned into the penalty area in the corner that Galatasaray won from the left wing, and the ball remained in the goalkeeper Okan.

31′ Goal… Giresunspor 0-1 Galatasaray (Diagne)

28′ Giresunspor faced Balde Muslera with Sankhare’s intermediate pass in the attack, but the assistant referee’s offside flag is in the air.

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22′ Balde moved to Hüsamettin’s pass in the fast-developing Giresunspor attack, but the ball remained in Muslera, which was incredibly fast.

15′ Galatasaray came from the right wing, and Boey, who went down to the line, took the middle of the defense away from the front post.

14′ In the attack of Galatasaray, which developed from the right wing, the defense prevented the danger by hitting the middle of Feghouli before Diagne.

3′ In the corner used by the home owner from the right wing, the ball returned from the defense, and the defender moved the ball away, which was turned inside again.

2′ The ball, which was turned into the penalty area in the attack of Giresunspor from the right wing, bounced from the defense and went to the corner.

1′ The match has started.

Giresunspor and Galatasaray shared their trump card in the 1st week of the Super League.

The match played at Çotanak Sports Complex and started at 21.45 was moderated by referee Erkan Özdamar. The fight was broadcast live on beIN Sports.


Giresunspor: Okan, Zeki, Douglas, Perez, Hayrullah, Hüsamettin, Flavio, Pelupessy, Sankhare, Serginho, Balde

Galatasaray: Muslera, Boey, Marcao, Luyindama, Aanholt, Taylan, Berkan, Cicaldau, Feghouli, Kerem, Diagne

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