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Erzurum moved from the orange category in Covid-19 vaccine rates to the yellow category, reaching 65 percent. Erzurum Governor Okay Memiş gave an interesting warning to the shopkeepers at the meeting held at the Governor’s Office and said that the employee who did not receive a double dose of vaccine would not be able to serve him in the restaurant. Erzurumspor Club President Ömer Duzgun stated that those who did not receive a double dose of vaccine at the meeting would not be allowed to enter the stadium.

Governor Memiş said, “I would like to thank all Erzurum. We have passed the yellow category in vaccination. We passed the yellow category by administering the first dose of 65 percent. This is not enough, of course, we need to move to the blue category as soon as possible. Our vaccination status over 50 is good, but when it comes to younger people, we see a defense in vaccinations. Our healthcare workers are going door to door. Sometimes they are also exposed to rude behavior. Despite this, they are going from door to door without getting tired of it,” he said.


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Stating that the number of daily cases has increased in Erzurum, Governor Memiş said, “We are close to last year’s numbers. We have over 300 inpatients in our hospital. 98 percent of our inpatients have not been vaccinated or we have siblings who have not had two doses of the vaccine. There is no young or old, a 27-year-old health worker was intubated. Don’t play Russian roulette, play Russian roulette with human life? Does he gamble with human life? Not getting vaccinated is gambling with your life. Schools are opening. We do not expect any of our teachers to go to school without being vaccinated. We want them to give education to children after they are vaccinated,” he said.

Governor Memiş, who warned the shopkeepers to have them vaccinated, said, “No one who has not had a double dose of vaccination can serve me, nor do I go to a restaurant. Let workplaces hang on their doors saying, “Everyone in this workplace has been vaccinated”. Let them write it on paper and hang it on the door. This is a security situation. Now all 8 billion people living in the world will be exposed to this virus. You will either be exposed to the vaccine or be directly exposed to the virus.”

Erzurumspor Club President Ömer Duzgun said, “I was hit with a single overdose two days ago. Cause I got Covid. As a president, I had a hard time getting into the match in Izmir Menemen. They don’t get a match. Those who do not receive a double dose of vaccine or have a PCR test cannot enter the match.

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