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Galatasaray’s coach, Fatih Terim, at the press conference held after the match, said, “We wanted to win, we were a little tired. Despite this, we believe that we will pass the tour in Istanbul, God willing. Galatasaray will do what is necessary in the second match.” said.

The yellow and red coach pointed out that there will be players in the criticized team and said, “I’m happy with my players, Galatasaray team is doing the press when necessary. It wasn’t just long. We’re going to the third away game, and we need to have some tolerance from there.” he said.

Terim stated that he did not want to talk much about the 8-match suspension of Marcao, “Tomorrow, our president has a press conference and he will speak widely. 8 games are a penalty. There is no need to dwell on it much. It happened during the match, it happened after they did it. My thoughts on those who sent it to the boards are clear. I don’t want to go into these issues too much this year.”

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Explaining that he has problems especially in the defender department, Terim said, “We will transfer to the right places. That’s why I point to September. Otherwise, I’m not saying that we will get this in September. Others want Gedson, but I think Benfica will not give it now. If that happens.” “I have no doubt that Gedson will prefer Galatasaray. Since we will go to three cups, those who play here should be close to each other in the alternative. There are some shortcomings in some places, we will fix them.” used the expressions.

Commenting on the position where Arda was injured, Terim emphasized that the situation of the football player will become clearer after the MRI to be taken tomorrow.

Randers Coach Thomas Thomasberg said that he was pleased with the 1-1 result, but they knew that the return match in Istanbul would be difficult.


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