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Renda, who participated in the fixtures of the ING Basketball Super League 2021-2022 season held at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall, made a statement to the press.

Wishing that the 2021-2022 season will be healthy and injury-free for all teams, Renda said, “It will be a difficult season. This season, the double match weeks in the THY Europa League have also increased compared to the last season. Therefore, a difficult year is waiting for us, but the past “We are used to such situations, just like in all seasons. I sincerely believe that we will be successful in both the ING Basketball Super League and the THY Europa League at the end of the season.” he said.

Renda stated that they had problems due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) in the last part of last season, saying, “We did not start the season well, but we made the end very well, especially in the THY Europa League. However, the pandemic hit us at the end of the season. Unluckily, our players Kovid-19 We couldn’t avoid being eliminated by CSKA Moscow when we were caught. If we had a full squad, we would have made the Final Four, as we do every year.” used the expressions.

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Expressing that they believe they will be successful under the management of the new head coach Aleksandar Djordjevic, Cenk Renda said, “Welcome to our new coach, his team and the players who have just joined us. “I say. We are a quality team. We will have Fenerbahçe Beko watched this season. I believe that our team will achieve success by putting their hearts on the field under the leadership of our coach. The players we have received are obvious. All of them are at THY Europa League level. They were already successful in the teams they played in. They will continue their performance in Fenerbahçe Beko.” expressed his opinion.

“We miss our fans so much”

Cenk Renda said that he is very happy with the decision to take half the capacity of the hall to the stands this season.

Explaining that they have achieved great success thanks to their fans, Renda concluded her words as follows:

“We missed our fans very much. A statement was made today. I am very happy about it. I am a fan of the fans. I understand them very well. They missed them very much. Our fans have been our 6th man for years. Thanks to them, we have achieved success. I hope the coronavirus disease will end as soon as possible and “100 percent supporters are taken in. Thus, we fill the Ülker Sports and Event Hall with yellow-dark blue colors. Let the league start as soon as possible and meet our fans. I believe they miss us too. As in previous years, we will achieve success hand in hand.”

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