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After Emirhan Yalçın, one of the two people who was injured as a result of a fight between a Syrian group and residents in the Battalgazi neighborhood of Altındağ district of Ankara, died in the hospital on Tuesday evening, the tension in Önder and Battalgazi neighborhoods continued on Wednesday evening. The tension has been calmed as of today. Police teams increased security measures in order to avoid a possible negative situation in the neighborhood where calmness prevails.

The events that started the previous evening in the Önder and Battalgazi neighborhoods of Altındağ, one of the central districts of Ankara, which are known as the refugee neighborhoods, continued throughout the day yesterday. While most of the Syrian and Afghan shop owners did not open their workplaces, some refugees left their homes temporarily.

“2 of our citizens were injured by foreign nationals”Turkey

The shutters were broken, some shops were looted

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Some of them did not leave the house and waited for the events to subside. In the evening, the crowd, who came to the neighborhood with flags in their hands and filled the streets with takbirs, grew. The crowd stoned the Syrian-owned shops and the shutters of some shops were knocked down. Some shops were seen to be looted.

Some apartment buildings known to belong to Syrians and Afghans were attacked with stones. Some vehicles were turned upside down, while others were set on fire in the middle of the street.

The Office of the Chief Prosecutor announced! 2 people arrested in knife fight in Altındağ As a result of his composure and the hard work of our security forces, it has come to an end as of now. Our people are kindly requested not to give credence to provocative news and posts.

— T.C. Ankara Governorship (@AnkaraValiligi) August 11, 2021

Source: BBC Turkish

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