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Adana Demirspor’s technical director, Samet Aybaba, made a statement after the Fenerbahce match, in which they were defeated 1-0. Aybaba’s statements to the broadcaster are as follows; We conceded a deviating goal. Our shortcomings were also revealed in the termination. We will work on these. If we had won, our morale and motivation would have accelerated. I’m very happy with the performance of my players, I’m happy.” PRESS CONFERENCESmaet Aybaba, at the press conference held after the match, stated that they are in the league this season as a new team, and that they are qualified. Expressing that they started with the idea of ​​playing a brave, enthusiastic game that gives joy to everyone and aims to win, Aybaba said: “You have seen the results of this on the field. We did not break in any part of the game. We started running all over the field. We did the right things in our offensive planning a We had some shortcomings in the final stages. Especially after the 60th minute of the match, we did not give any position to the opponent. We entered 4-5 positions, if we could throw, maybe the color of the game would change. Why do we want it to change? You know, as the newly formed teams start to win, the desire to win pushes them further. So that togetherness will accelerate more. But it’s not football. Congratulations to the players. They all did their best. We have a game ahead of us on Friday. The weather is too hot. We try to concentrate our players. But there is a truth that has emerged that the Demirspor team is indeed a candidate to be one of the best football-playing teams in the league this season.”

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